As a second or third career clergy person, I was looking for my niche. I wanted to find a place where my passions for God and others meshed.  Walking into a hospital to visit the adult child of people in my congregation, I was headed to the AIDS floor.  There were no preconceived notions about what I would find there, but I was nervous.  In the late 80’s this was the point of conflict almost everywhere.  Drugs, alcohol and sexual addiction came together in this one disease.  I planned to see one person for 10 minutes and be out of there.

Well, I found my patient and about 20 others all together in one room.   So, we sat and talked about life as they were living it.  No condemnation from me.  They already had a death sentence, what more could I do?  I listened.  Asking them about their lives and hopes and dreams and “Where is God in all of this for you?”   He was in different places for different persons.  Each was validated.

Nurses came and went.  Medications were dispensed and vitals taken.  Several hours later a nurse asked me if I’d like a glass of tea.  “Please, Yes.”  Soon there were glasses of tea and water all around the room.  And talk just flew around the room.

Before I left, I asked about prayer.  Did anyone want to pray?  We stood and held hands in a circle and we prayed for each other.  I had found my passion, Medical Ministry.  It was the place where love of God and others came together for me.  Hospitals and Hospice became my second home no matter where the Church sent me to serve.  The need is great and few choose to serve.  I found my passion.

That’s what we will be discussing, ministry, God in medical settings.  Oh, no not all the time, but a lot of of the blog deals with “Where is God in this for you?” And sharing from there.

Welcome to Chaplains Chat or medical ministry at the margins of life.