Within these pages you will find tidbits and events from my life and the lives of others.  Sometimes I share things from my childhood.  “Mom, if you put the birdie in the oven and warm him up, he can fly back to his Mommy.”  Well, that would not have worked and Mom really didn’t want a dead bird with feathers and all in her oven.  But I knew Mom works with God and together they can do EVERYTHING.  I believed that was so, even if Mom did not.

There will be posts about meeting God at the point of need for the patient and their family.  For instance, a person has died and the family wants me to do a funeral for their deceased without talking about God.  This I cannot do, as God permeates my whole life. So, I explained the “Christian Hope” that everyone is offered the opportunity to respond to Jesus Christ. Asking the son about his most favorite memory of his Dad was a DUD. There were no good memories! He didn’t have a single one. We talked again about Christian Hope. It wasn’t a guarantee that Dad was in Heaven. But, they were open to “Hope.” God did a mighty work in that family on that day.  It was an awesome experience.

Or, entering a home that always smelled like Pine Sol and smelling roses instead.  Nope, I wasn’t crazy.  It happened again and EVERYONE smelled roses.

And what do you do when surrounded by loved ones of different faith systems and the patient tells you the angels have come to help her across?  The Imam and Priest and myself all wanted to know what they looked like and she told us!

What to do (or not do) when the police are called because the patient has guns in bed.  Really.  How to behave during a funeral when the Feds show up to arrest someone! Can you have a wedding at a funeral? Ummm. Yes, you can.

What happens when a Serial Killer is wounded by Police and no one wants to be his caregiver? Hmmm? How do you help someone tend to a patient?

Hospital staff are as traumatized by what they see and hear as the patients and families are. Who helps them with their issues? Chaplains. Police? Chaplains. The Mom who killed her children? Chaplains.

Chaplains seem to walk when and where others will not go.

So come and visit. We’ll have a chat, maybe with a cup of coffee or a glass of tea. Questions? Ask. Comments? I’ll listen. So, come and sit awhile.